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A black graphic T-shirt is a very convenient item for sophisticated casual look.
Find your favorite black T-shirt!

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KOUSCH is a design T-shirt brand based in Japan.

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Column - Black T-shirt

What do you pair with a black T-shirt?

Black T-shirts are very convenient item
as it is a basic color and gives a smart impression.

Paring a black T-shirt and black pants is the essential style
everyone looks nice.

A plain blank black T-shirt is a nice option,
but sophisticated graphic black T-shirt will be a perfect item
to complement your casual style.

KOUSCH's graphic T-shirts are printed with best matching colors
for the design or for the base black T-shirt.
You can enjoy the combination and contrast of colors
with the T-shirt only itself and you don't have to pay extra attention for
other items to coordinate with to add a color.

If you want to pair your black tee with other colors,
white or beige bottoms would match nicely.
Also a color which you can find in the graphic design would be
a good option to pick up for your bottoms to coordinate with.

During the hottest season, the T-shirt will be the focal item of the total outfit.
So the selection of the T-shirt will be very important
which makes your impression good or bad.

In cooler seasons, the combination with a jacket or a cardigan will be
grown-up style.

How to select the best black T-shirt for your outfit?

There are lots of black T-shirts in the world,
but which is the best for your black T-shirt style?

■Logo on Black T-shirt
Some survey says that people don't really care what the message says on your T-shirt,
but still, a T-shirt is what expresses you yourself,
select the message or logo you feel comfortable with.
If you are a grown-up, select the one which is sophisticated
- for example, the size of logo is not too big and very simple one.

■Black Rock T-shirt
Rock T-shirt is also a popular item for lots of people,
but sometimes it makes the style too rough for an adult.
Make sure the image you want to make and if it is a grown-up one,
pair with something neat and clean.

■Graphic Black T-shirt of abstract design / geometric design
Abstract or geometric design on black tee generally looks sophisticated.
So it is a very convenient item to complete your clean outfit.
You can make a contemporary and edgy look or rather authentic and traditional look
depending on what item you choose for the bottoms or the outer.

■Graphic Black T-shirt of botanical design
Black botanical T-shirt is a glamorous choice.
Picking one color in the botanical design and pairing with bottoms of that color
is a smart way to complete your sophisticated style.

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