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Column - Navy Blue

Navy blue clothes give a sophisticated impression.

This is because of the nature of the color itself - it is a contractive color,
and also, because of the background that
since the British navy (Royal Navy) started to use navy blue military fatigue in 1748,
navy blue clothes has been uniforms of many organizations or attire for formal situations.

Why did the British navy started to use the color navy blue for their fatigue?
Around then, indigo was being imported to Britain from India and
indigo was inexpensive to produce large numbers of uniforms.
At the same time, the indigo dyed clothes were very tough and
perfect for the pitiless environment on the sea.

Regarding the practical feature of the navy blue,
indigo has also the anti-insect effect
which was  optimal for the pants of workers of mines in the Gold Rush era.
That is why jeans were dyed with indigo.

Knowing these background,
the combination of a navy blue T-shirt and a pair of jeans would be fun!


KOUSCH provides unique design navy T-shirts.
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