“Beethoven” – Half-sleeve T-shirt

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T-shirt with the print of the portrait of Beethoven.

The portrait is screen printed on dark brown or navy T-shirt.
As the color of the T-shirt is very dark, it is difficult to find Beethoven there
and that is the hidden humor.

The hair of Beethoven is drawn with music symbols such as
G clef, F clef, C clef, quarter note, quarter-note rest, etc.

With white denim, the style would be sophisticated.
With any dark-color pants, it would look smart.

For women, it is also good to wear with a vivid pink skirt etc.

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Fitted style
Neck is tough, but not too thick and this makes the looking sharp and sophisticated.

Cotton100%, 4.6oz   Combed Cotton, Jersey Stitch
Comebed Cotton is high-quality cotton which was combed during spinning into thread.
The shirt keeps the shape as the cloth is finely knitted.
At the same time, it is comfortable stretchy.
Also, it does not fluff easily. Silky and comfortable touch.