“Lacrosse Player” V Neck Gray Short-sleeved

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Lacrosse design T-shirt.
Tee with the illustration of a lacrosse player in native american traditional attire.

Lacrosse is originally played by native Americans
as an observance or to solve conflicts between tribes.
The sacred head-dress could only be worn by the most respected men in the tribe.
The motif is the lacrosse player with the head-dress is shooting.

The attire and head-dress is arranged in modern way by KOUSCH
and the colors – deep blue, vivid aqua and vivid pink – are very beautiful.

The design is loved by our customers.

On gray tee, the total style seems matured.
It also fits with active / wild style.


You can arrange with a jacket and this tee would be a good accent in the coordination.
Check white version also.


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Shiny and soft touch.


Enlarged image of V-neck – front side


Enlarged image of V-neck – back side


Enlarged image of the sleeve


Enlarged image of the hem



Washable with washing machine.
Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron the printed part as possible and when necessary , please press with a damp cloth.