“Flower Birdcage” Short-sleeved shirt with Pink Cotton Pearl Necklace (White)

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Gorgeous design T-shirt with the drawing of a birdcage decorated with rose, various flowers and leaves.
Matches perfectly with a pink cotton pearl necklace!

It is a great pleasure to announce that
we have collaborated with Atelier Momolith for this work.
The set of a T-shirt and a long necklace is 10% off of the total price of two.

Atelier Momolith
The artist who makes pretty accessories using cotton pearl and beads.
Creation includes various pieces depending on the colors of the cotton pearl or beads,
colors of the strings, and how knots are arranged between beads.

The necklace is made with peach-color cotton pearl, capri-gold Czech beads and brown strings.
You can see knots besides the Czech beads.
The length is 102 cm.
No metal used which is good for whom with metallic allergy.

T-shirt only:6,482 yen
Necklace only 5,000 yen  (Please purchase at Atelier Momolith)
A set of T-shirt and Necklace:10,333 yen (10%OFF of total amount of the two above )


Excellent coordination with black jacket or black bottoms,
which would look a little formal.
The style with denim pants would be casual, but sophisticated.

The combination of T-shirt and cotton pearl necklace would be
clean, light, easy to move around and enjoyable!



*Please consider that these are hand-made and it takes approximately 2 weeks to ship.



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Washable with washing machine.
Do not dry clean. Do not tumble dry.
Do not iron the printed part as possible and when necessary , please press with a damp cloth.