T-shirt for Father’s Day Gift

Finding Father's Day gift is always a challenging task.
Dad tends to say, "I already have everything I need" and
you would wonder what to give as the Father's Day gift every year.

In such case, how about giving him a very nice T-shirt?

T-shirt is an essential clothing item that everyone wears.
If it is a high-quality and sophisticated one,
he can wear not only at home but at restaurants, hotels, any family events, etc.

Find Father's Day gift at KOUSCH online store!

Unique and sophisticated design.
Hand-screen-printed in Japan.
Free shipping for orders over $150 to all over the world.
KOUSCH is a design T-shirt brand based in Japan.


Black T-shirts

Black T-shirts looks nice on any types of Dads.
Matches nice with denim pants, chinos, short pants, etc.

Graphic T-shirt of What He Loves

What does your father loves to do? What is he interested in?
Sports, Music, Car, etc.
Find your father's favorite in the collection of KOUSCH's T-shirts.

Abstract Design & Geometric Design T-shirts

Simple design T-shirt looks nice and sophisticated especially with a jacket or a cardigan.
The outfit would fit the atmosphere of luxury places and a little formal occasions.
Convenient for flights and travel also.


T-shirts are a great idea for birthday, Celebration,
Father's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Thank-you Gift, ... etc.
Find and send T-shirts for gifts online with KOUSCH !

Order Schedule

As we print T-shirts based on your order,
7-10 days necessary additionally to shipping lead time sending from Japan.
(>> See more about shipping lead time here.)

Destination Address, Invoice, etc.

In the Checkout page, please check "Ship to different address"
and input the address.
Then, we assume the order is a gift.
We e-mail the billing detail and delivery notice only to the customer who ordered 
and will not include billing detail in the package.

Gift Wrapping

If you want gift wrapping, please order here.
When you don't order gift wrapping,
the packaging becomes very simple - T-shirts or other products will be put in a plastic bag and
that plastic bag will be put in a cardboard box.

Gift Message

If you request, we can print your message on a simple white postcard
and put the card in the package.
Please let us know in the early timing.

Presents for your father in New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington D.C., San Francisco, San Jose, Lon Beach, Oakland,
Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Portland, Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Fort Worth, Austin, Charlotte, Jacksonville,
Miami, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, Paris, Marseille, Nice, Lyon, Monaco, Milano, Rome, Berlin, Frankfurt, London,
and other cities all over the world,

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