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A white graphic T-shirt is a everyone's must-have item.
Find your favorite white graphic T-shirt!

Unique and sophisticated design.
Hand-screen-printed in Japan.
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KOUSCH is a design T-shirt brand based in Japan.

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Column - Women's White Graphic T-shirt / Pattern Tops

What do you pair with a white graphic T-shirt or patterned tops?

In spring and early summer when the temperature goes up,
white graphic T-shirt or patterned white tops are an easy item to  create a clean and fresh look.
Wear with denim, white sneakers and a long cardigan or a trench coat
which makes you want to go out in the pleasant air.

In the hottest summer, the T-shirt or the tops will be the focal item of your look.
Select a sophisticated and stylish design.
Gold or silver accessories matches well with the white graphic T-shirt style in this weather.
For the bottoms, if you want to create a feminine and romantic outfit,
pair with a bright color long skirt.
If you want to complete a cool look, skinny blank pants is the most basic item.
Even a bright and loud color skirt or pants can go with white tops with patterns.

When the temperature goes down in autumn,
pair with items beige or smoky tones which will complete your autumn look.

Which T-shirt / Tops is perfect for me?

Select the graphic T-shirt depending on the image you want to make.

If you are to create feminine style,
the easiest way is to select a sexy or curvy shape T-shirt / tops.
T-shirt of floral design is a good item to choose also.
Graphic design using pink, smoky pink or smoky blue fits well with your feminine style also.
Even the T-shirt itself is not feminine, such as a rock-design T-shirt,  you can make a feminine outfit
pairing with skirts and accessories.

If you want to make your style grown-up and tasteful, select subtle design.
The features of subtle design is such as;

using subtle colors eg. gray, beige, pale color, etc.
- number of colors used is a few
- abstract or geometric design
- pattern design consisting of small parts
(Doesn't have to satisfy multiple conditions.)

If you are interested in the urban street style,
select something funky and pair with your favorite sneakers and sweats.


KOUSCH provides unique design white T-shirts.
Made of premium fabric and hand-screen-printed in Japan.
Perfect and stylish white T-shirts.

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